Philly TV notes: Terrence Howard joins Shyamalan miniseries, Syfy wants '12 Monkeys'

Film Review Dead Man Down
This film image released by FilmDistrict shows Terrence Howard in a scene from "Dead Man Down." (AP Photo/FilmDistrict, John Baer)

Philly is having a boob tube moment.

It's a straight up Philly reunion in "Wayward Pines,' the new limited series created by M. Night Shyamalan and "The Playboy Club's" Chad Hodge. Lafayette Hill's Terrence Howard has joined the project as Sheriff Pope, a cop in small, Idaho town plagued by weirdness. Howard will play opposite Matt Dillon (as a fed who travels to Wayward Pines to investigate the disappearance of two colleagues), Toby Jones,  Melissa Leo and Carla Gugino. Unfortunately, the show won't be shot in Philadelphia.

But that's not the only Philly TV project in the works: Syfy is developing a backdoor pilot that could turn in to a 10-episode order of "12 Monkeys," based on the Terry Gilliam movie (that is itself based on Chris Marker's "La Jetee") starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. The 1996 film was shot and set in Philadelphia. The model is not unlike how they handled the mega-popular "Battlestar Galatica."

In other Philly TV news, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" will premiere on Wed., Sept. 4 on FXX, the new comedy network from IASIP channel FX. And, today, Michael Klein reported that a Philly chef is getting his own Food Network show.