Susan Finkelstein for Female Phillies Nation host?

Remember Susan Finkelstein? The woman who was acquitted of prostitution charges after offering to sell herself for Phillies World Series tix back in '08 and Wing Bowl Wingette Hall of Famer?

Finkelstein launched a petition to get an interview as the lady host of Phillies Nation, a blog about our fave baseball team. Finkelstein says that 50 women applied for the spot, with four young women taking the honors. But Finkelstein was rejected. Finkelstein says she wasn't even asked in for an interview, claiming ageism and her own infamy. She writes:

Alas, to my dismay, four girls barely wet behind the ears uh, I mean, "women," were selected, all under a certain tender age -- three of whom neither impressed with eloquence or love of Phillies and/or baseball. According to Phillies Nation, 50 women applied. Why was I not even offered an INTERVIEW? Because I am in my 40s? Because I was unfairly prosecuted for a third-degree misdemeanor, the conviction of which was overturned by the Commonwealth\'s Superior Court a year later?

Her Phillies fandom can't be denied, few would go to the lengths Finkelstein's lengths to see her beloved team play.

What do you think? Does Finkelstein deserve a shot?