Stripper- loving wife-killer Craig Rabinowitz covered on TV Thursday

Remember Craig Rabinowitz, the con artist who killed his wife and then staged a drowning in the bathtub of their Merion home — all while spending money invested in his latex business that didn't exist on a Delilah's stripper named Summer?


The 1997 murder of Stefanie Rabinowitz will be covered at 9 p.m. Thursday on Investigation Discovery's "Behind Mansion Walls."

Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor, who was district attorney at the time, will be interviewed, as will medical examiner Dr. Ian Hood and Ken Englade, author of Everybody's Best Friend.

Former Daily News reporter Jim Nolan should have been included in that panel, as he dutifully and wonderfully covered the case in these pages.

Rabinowitz is serving life in prison. After briefly becoming a nude model and capitalizing on her notoriety from this case, Summer, a/k/a Shannon Reinhart, faded away.

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