South Philly chef on 'Hell's Kitchen'


"I cried myself to sleep on more than one night," chef Christina Wilson said about the pressure of shooting "Hell’s Kitchen" which premieres its new season on Fox at 8 p.m. June 4.

Chef Christina Wilson in her "Hell's Kitchen" promo photo. (Greg Gayne/FOX)

While it was an intense experience, Wilson, of South Philly, who attended West Chester and Temple on basketball scholarships, says her competitive sports background helped her deal with the pressure of competition and cameras in her face all the time.

"Yes, he has a mouth, yes, he’s intense but this is a man who has mastered this craft. If you listen to him, he’s teaching you," Wilson said of the foulmouthed host and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay.

A Philippsburg, N.J. native, Wilson cooked at Carmine’s Creole in Havertown and Lolita and Mercato in Center City but is now off doing private chef jobs in town and down the shore. She says she wanted to go on the show to learn from Ramsay but also admits that the exposure could be helpful in furthering her culinary career.

And speaking of Ramsay, he flew into PHL late Tuesday night and was driven to Baltimore’s Four Seasons by local limousine tycoon Big Penny.