South Jersey man sues Dr. Oz for burning feet

Frank Dietl, 76, of Southampton, NJ is suing Dr. Mehmet Oz for an insomnia remedy gone bad.

Dietl named Dr. Oz, Zoco Productions, NBC Studios, Sony Pictures Television and Harpo Productions (that would be Oprah's company) in the suit, filed in the New York Supreme Court.

Dietl claims that on an April 17, 2012 episode of his show "Dr. Oz," the doc, who doesn't just play one on TV, advertised a homeopathic "24-Hour Energy Boost." But instead of giving Dietl energy, the "knapsack heated rice footsie" gave him third degree burns on his feet.

Dr. Oz told viewers suffering from insomnia that they should fill up socks with uncooked rice and then heat the socks in the microwave. Wearing the toasty rice-socks would help promote sleep. But, the suit claims, Dr. Oz did not properly warn the home audience (that would be Dietl) of the dangers associated with the remedy for those "with neuropathy of the lower extremities," or damage to nerves that cause numbness or pain in the limbs. Dietl's damage is caused by diabetes, according to the suit.

The suit says Dietl was left "severely injured, bruised and wounded" and "sick, sore, lame and disabled." He's seeking damages for negligence.

Fun fact: Dietl's brother is Bo Dietl, the former NYPD detective and media personality who has appeared on Fox News, "The Daily Show" and "Imus in the Morning," and is currently the tough-talking New York cop of Arby's commercials.

I have calls out to both Dietl's lawyer and reps for Dr. Oz. I'll update when I hear more.