Saturday Night Live's Miley Cyrus parody 'We Did Stop (The Government)'

Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live, and the world didn't come to an end.

'America' did, though, in the not-very-funny opening skit which flashed back from 2045 to tell the story of how the U.S.'s demise was brought about by the Cyrus' performance on the 2013 VMAs. 

Cyrus sang "Wrecking Ball " and "We Can't Stop" while wearing more clothes than you might expect, and she did not tear up Sinead O'Connor's picture.

The one controversy-courting moment was a "We Can't Stop" parody mocking the government shut down, with Cyrus playing Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and Taran Killam as House Speaker John Boehner in "We Did Stop (The Government). Watch that clip, and "Wrecking Ball," below.  

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