Reporter gets fresh with Will Smith, gets a slap

TMZ has video of hometown hero Will Smith smacking a Ukranian reporter who tried to go in for a full-on mouth kiss at the "Men In Black III" premiere in Moscow. After the incident, Smith said "He's lucky I didn't sucker-punch him." C'mon, Big Willie Style, you may not have liked the advances, but keep it classy, okay?

TMZ says it was all in good fun, and kissing celebs is this reporter's shtick. So might Smith have gotten so upset because of the gay rumors that have dogged his relationship with wife Jada Pinkett Smith? For the record, Smith is cool with the gays, recently coming out in favor of gay marriage.

Do you think Will overreacted to the kiss? Or did he do the right thing?

"Men in Black III" hits theaters May 25. Hopefully, there won't be any unwanted smooching at the U.S. premiere.