Comedian Charlie Murphy dies at 57 following battle with leukemia

Stand-up comedian and actor Charlie Murphy died Wednesday following a battle with leukemia, reports say. He was 57.

According to TMZ, Mr. Murphy, the older brother of actor Eddie Murphy, died in a New York City hospital on Wednesday. The celebrity gossip site also reports that his manager indicated the star had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

The Hollywood Reporter also confirmed Mr. Murphy's death with his publicist, Domenick Nati.

Mr. Murphy is perhaps best known for his work with Dave Chappelle on Chappelle’s Show. The comedian and actor appeared in and helped write some of the show’s most well-known sketches, including classics such as Chappelle’s legendary Rick James skit, and the show’s Prince episode. Mr. Murphy played himself in both sketches.

In addition to his work on Chappelle’s Show, Mr. Murphy co-wrote a number of his brother’s films, such as Vampire in Brooklyn and Norbit. Mr. Murphy also co-starred in television projects including Adult Swim’s Black Jesus and The Boondocks.

“We just lost one of the funniest most real brothers of all time,” Chris Rock tweeted regarding Murphy’s death Wednesday. “Charlie Murphy RIP.”

Comedian Paul Mooney, who also famously worked on Chappelle’s Show, wrote online that he is “terribly saddened” by Mr. Murphy’s death. Comedy Central, which aired Chappelle's Show, thanked Mr. Murphy for his “unforgettable stories" online.

Philadelphia natives Kevin Hart and Questlove memorialized the comedian on Instagram, with Hart nothing that Mr. Murphy had done the rewrite for 2002’s Paper Soldiers, Hart’s first movie:

Darkness. Goodbye Charlie. Damn.

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Villanova native and comedian Neal Brennan, who co-created and co-wrote Chappelle’s Show, wrote online that Mr. Murphy “changed my life” and referred to the comedian as a “habitual line stepper,” referencing a line from Mr. Murphy’s Rick James story.

Mr. Murphy himself last tweeted on Tuesday prior to his death, writing “One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.”

Mr. Murphy is survived by three children, TMZ reports. His wife, Tisha Taylor Murphy, died from cervical cancer in 2009.