Amanda Bynes involuntarily hospitalized

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Amanda Bynes, accompanied by attorney Gerald Shargel, arrives for a court appearance in New York, Tuesday, July 9, 2013. The 27-year-old actress is charged with reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence. Bynes was arrested in May after building officials called police to complain she was smoking pot in the lobby. Officers went to her apartment where they say they saw a bong sitting on the kitchen counter. Prosecutors say she tossed the bong out the window in front of the officers. (AP Photo/Bethan McKernan)

After months of inexplicable, bizarre behavior, Amanda Bynes is being forced to undergo a mental health evaluation.

A report broke Tuesday morning that the actress is currently in a hospital on a 5150 hold, which according to TMZ is "an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation." She can only be held for up to 72 hours during the period. The hold is the result of Bynes starting a "small fire" on a person's driveway Monday night in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

According to the report, deputies from the sheriff's department responding to a 911 call found Bynes on the property next to a campfire holding a red gasoline can. Deputies later disclosed that the call was made after a witness had spotted flames on Bynes' pant legs from the gasoline fire lit on the driveway.

Andrew Liverpool, one witness who found Bynes during the incident, told KABC of his encounter Tuesday afternoon. "It's dark, it's 8:45 and I just see her laying down, stomach up and her pant legs on fire, a trail of, you know, fire and gas, and I pull over," he said.

When she was questioned by authorities, the actress was seen fit to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold. "Deputies investigated the incident and determined that [Bynes] met the criteria of 5150 (California Welfare & Institutions Code)," Ventura County sheriff's Capt. Don Aguilar shared wth the NY Daily News Tuesday morning. In other words, she must have fired back some crazy answers during questioning.

The lockdown is the same one Britney Spears was subject to in 2008. The pop singer to this day still remains under her father's conservatorship.

It is not clear why the actress was in Thousand Oaks, the place where Bynes grew up during the period when she starred on shows and films like "All That," "The Amanda Show," "What A Girl Wants," and "What I Like About You."

No charges were filed. Bynes' attorneys refused to comment Tuesday.

The incident is following a confrontation between the child star and police on Sunday evening when she was found allegedly trespassing at a retirement community near Los Angeles. The 27-year-old was there to visit a relative, but facility management turned her away because they thought she "seemed drunk," reports TMZ.

She has previously had run-ins with the law in California, and most recently in New York after she "heaved" a bong out the 36th-floor of her Manhattan apartment building on May 23. In early July, Bynes attended a hearing over the bong-toss incident wearing a long, aqua-colored wig and sweatpants. She was in court to face reckless endangerment charges and attempted tampering with evidence.

She will return to court Aug. 26.

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