Philly ladies kicked off 'American Idol'

Philadelphia's Taylor Ivy Rand auditioning in New York for the "American Idol" judges. She went on to the Hollywood Week rounds, which were filmed in mid-December 2012 and aired Feb. 13 and 14, 2013.

Last night’s episode of “American Idol” saw our two Philly gals, Chickies & Pete hostess/Lawncrest resident Taylor Rand and Council Rock North junior Courtney Calle, sent home after the group rounds.

Rand, who sang Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” with her group, received praise from judge Keith Urban. The country star singled out Rand and another girl as excellent performers. But, alas, Rand got the boot along with the rest of their group for not being individual enough. “I got off stage and all the cameras were in my face,” Rand said. “It was like my body was made of glass and [Urban] took me up to the highest balcony and just dropped me.”

Rand’s only regret? She wanted a concrete reason why she was let go, rather than a wishy-washy comment. “[‘Good Girl’] still haunts me,” she said.