Philly doctor Richard S. Kaiser on 'The Doctors'

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Philly doctor Richard S. Kaiser appears with the medical "dream team" on 'The Doctors'. (Left to right: Drew Ordon, Jim Sears, Dr. Kaiser, Lisa Masterson and Travis Stork.)

Eye surgeon Dr. Richard S. Kaiser from the Wills Eye Institute in Philly will discuss all things ocular Wednesday (Sept. 7) at 3 p.m. on the syndicated daytime talker, The Doctors, which airs locally on KYW-TV Channel 3.

A spin-off of Dr. Phil’s therapy-lite show, The Doctors features a “dream team” of four doctor-hosts who intercourse with celebs, guest doctors and guest sick people, in a dialogic, um, dialogue about what ails every single one of their viewers. It’ll save your life. (Or not).

The team features pediatrician Jim Sears, plastic surgeon Drew Ordon, emergency medicine guru Travis Stork, and obstetrician and gynecologist Lisa Masterson.

On Wednesday Dr. Kaiser will discuss the dangerous effects diabetes has on the eyes, the importance of regular eye exams, the latest treatment options at Wills and how the vision of one of his patients, who also joins him on the show by web cam, has greatly improved since receiving treatments at Wills Eye.