'Paranoia' shoots at ex-Advanta CEO's Fort Washington estate

Residents of Fort Washington are still experiencing "Paranoia."

The film spent several days, through Monday, shooting at the estate of former Advanta CEO Dennis Alter.

Alter's home, which has been up for sale and listed at more than $20 million, plays the home of Gary Oldman in the corporate-espionage thriller.

One of the scenes shot at the estate featured actor Liam Hemsworth swimming in the pool as Oldman, who plays his boss at a telecommunications company, arrives by helicopter (how serious businessmen like to show off).

"Hunger Games" actor Hemsworth's fiancée, Miley Cyrus, on set for much of the film's downtown shooting, was not on the shoot on Alter's palatial grounds.

Joining Oldman and Hemsworth for the shoot were "Nip/Tuck" star Julian McMahon and actress Embeth Davidtz, who recently played the wife of Lane Pryce (Jared Harris) on "Mad Men."

McMahon and Davidtz play advisers to Oldman's ruthless mogul, who wants Hemsworth to spy on Harrison Ford, who runs a rival company.

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