No official word yet on the Roots and the 'Tonight Show'

040413-The Roots-600
Will The Roots join Jimmy Fallon as he succeeds Jay Leno on the "Tonight Show"? (PRNewsFoto/DC Jazz Festival and Events DC)

When it was announced yesterday that Jimmy Fallon would replace Jay Leno as the host of the "Tonight Show," the only question Philly had was: What about the Roots?

Philly's pride and joy has served as Fallon's house band since the show started in March 2009, but they were left out of yesterday's big to do. After many back and forths, I got on the phone with a rep from NBC who officially said that there was no official announcement on the Roots. Yet.

Sure, not a ton of news there, but an official word is better than idle speculation.

But maybe you can get some info out of Roots' drummer Questlove this weekend? He'll be DJing Tastytreats on the final night for the long-runnning Fluid Nightclub (613 S. 4th St.) on Saturday, along with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mike Nyce, Mr. Sonny James, Yameen Allworld and founder Flygirrl.

Flygirrl tweeted a nice remembrance of Tastytreat's Fluid years. The 12-year-old party will continue on at another venue in the future.