Elizabeth Banks weighs in on the 'war on cheesesteaks'

From elizabethbanks.com

Penn alum/actress Elizabeth Banks wrote a short post today on her blog about "The War on Cheesesteaks." While the title is misleading -- Banks isn't heading off some Christmas-level assault -- she does give some love to the Pat's and Geno's, as if they need more. Smart lady that she is, Banks refrains from picking her favorite, although she did post the above photo from Pat's. 

At the end of her post, she asks: "Any Philly readers out there - who’s winning the war? Let’s hear it, and let me know what other local spots are places we should all be at now."

Go tell her where it's at, Philly. But, remember folks, keep it civil.

Banks can currently be seen in the thriller "Man on a Ledge."