Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Anniston battling over their hairstylist

Miley Cyrus may have had the most talked about hair-do of 2013. The reinvented pop star debuted her blonde short style back in the summer and it’s been her signature look ever since. The ‘mane’ man behind Cyrus’ look was crafted by highly sought after hair stylist Chris McMillan.

McMillian has been in the biz for quite some time and is most famously known for giving Friends star Jennifer Anniston the iconic ‘Rachel’ haircut. Well Anniston is reportedly feeling a little left behind now that Miley is his freshest star client. 

“Miley has radically remade her look with the help of handpicked hairdresser Chris, but the successful creative collaboration between the pair is headed for splitsville because of Jen,” a source told RadarOnline.

“Jen has gotten very impatient with Chris’ constant attention to Miley — as well as the fact that Miley’s hair is getting so many headlines.”

Apparently Anniston is looking to step it up in 2014 and wants “Chris to refocus on her image in the coming year, as she has three movies in the pipeline with big potential.”

We can hardly believe a down-to-earth chick like Jennifer Anniston is steaming mad over something like this – but, then again, we’re dealing with Hollywood. Don’t you ladies have enough attention already?

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