Mila Kunis interviewer explains what went wrong during horrifying Q&A

 LOS ANGELES ( - Mila Kunis, usually known for being laid back and occasionally off the cuff with the press, was not having it with The Star-Ledger reporter Stephen Whitty when they sat down for an interview about her new movie "Third Person," at least from his perspective.

Whitty apparently didn't have the best experience interviewing the actress and has now recounted in detail every horrifying moment of their encounter. The New Jersey journalist says it started out on the wrong foot when he asked Kunis how she was feeling. Not happy about what she presumed was a personal question about her pregnancy, Kunis fires back: "I don't talk about that for publication."

According to Whitty, it only goes downhill from there. "Every question I ask over the next 25 minutes seems to strike her as either dull, insulting or burdened by some sort of agenda," he writes.

Kunis appears less than impressed with the questions that follow - from her immigration to the United States as a child ("It's the most mundane subject possible") to her string of dramatic roles ("People have this misconception that comedy's easy"). Then they touched on what made her take up acting in the first place ("There was nothing else to it. I don't know if that's the answer you're fishing for.") Ouch.

Whitty thinks an unflattering story on Kunis in Marie Claire, that had just hit the web that day, may be to blame for her somber mood or perhaps it was just a matter of perception. 

Toward the end of the interview, Kunis appears to have a change of heart and reassures him when he tries to apologize for making her upset: "No, no, it was a good interview!"