Mayor Nutter meets Miley, Dreyfuss, Hemsworth on 'Paranoia' set

Richard Dreyfuss on the set of "Paranoia" at 10th & Carpenter Tuesday morning.

Director Robert Luketic let Mayor Nutter call "Action" on the South Philly set of "Paranoia" Tuesday afternoon.

Nutter watched actors Richard Dreyfuss and Liam Hemsworth, who play father and son, shoot a scene in the corporate-espionage thriller.

Nutter spent time talking with Luketic, Dreyfuss, Hemsworth and Hemsworth's fiancée, Miley Cyrus, who was hanging on set at Bardascino Park at 10th & Carpenter.

The mayor told us Tuesday that it was great to meet Luketic and the actors and that he had grown up on Dreyfuss' films. "Each of them separately told me that this was their first time filming in Philadelphia and that it's easy to make movies here, everyone is welcoming, and they are blown away by the restaurant scene," Nutter told us.

He praised film-office chief Sharon Pinkenson for attracting movies to the city and called it "an economic winner for the city" whenever a film shoots here.

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