Lauryn Hill pens letter from jail thanking fans

Lauryn Hill-Taxes
FILE - This April 15, 2011 file photo shows singer Lauryn Hill performing during the 12th Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. (AP Photo/Spencer Weiner, file)

She may be behind bars, but Lauryn Hill still wants to express her gratitude to fans and supporters.

The Grammy-winning artist, who started her three-month sentence on July 8 for failing to pay close to $1 million in taxes over the last decade, posted a letter to her Tumblr Saturday.

In it, Hill explained what prison has been like so far and took time to thank fans for their support. 

"I have known since very young to look for the purpose and lesson in everything, including the trials," she shared through someone who presumably has access to Hill and the Internet.

"Although it has taken some adjustment, I cannot deny the favor I have encountered while in here, and general warm reception from a community of people who despite their circumstances, have found unique ways to make the best of them," she continued.

"Thank you for the letters of concern and well wishes that I receive in the mail every day," she wrote. "Although I may not be able to write everyone back, please know that they have been received, read, acknowledged, and appreciated. With Love back, MLH"

Hill is currently serving time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn. The artist is housed with other inmates and expected to do work in landscaping, maintenance and food services during her imprisonment period.