Lamar Odom reportedly leaves rehab after only one day

Lamar Odom has reportedly left rehab - just one day after the embattled NBA free agent and reality TV star checked himself in.

According to E! News and People magazine, the basketball player had checked into a drug and alcohol rehabiliation center on Wednesday morning, and left Thursday with an assistant. He was later spotted in Los Angeles, reports People.

The LA Times reported Friday that Odom, according to sources, is getting treatment but is not in rehab. Odom has also hired Robert Shapiro- a close Kardashian family friend who was a member of O.J. Simpson's legal team alongside the late Robert Kardashian.

The news comes one week after Odom was arrested for a DUI after he was pulled over for driving in a "serpentine" manner, and unable to perform several field sobriety tests. The husband of Khloe Kardashian then refused to take a chemical sobriety test, resulting in the automatic suspension of his license for up to one year, according to California state law. "He did the one thing you should never not do: refuse the chemical tests," California Highway Patrol Officer Leland Tang said to reporters.