Kevin Hart wins second MVP in NBA All-star celebrity game


Philly's own diminutive comedy superstar Kevin Hart won his second consecutive MVP in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game this weekend.

Hart, who is about 5'2" by most accounts, took home the title despite scoring only five points. (Hart also won MVP last year, putting eight points on the board.) But that didn't stop Hart, and his West Coast team, from trouncing the East, even taking down fastest man alive Usain Bolt.

Hold up.

West Coast team?

C'mon Kev, we know you're all Hollywood now but you're North Philly born and raised. Don't front with this West Coast business.

Although, the highlight of evening was not Kevin's win (which was probably helped due to a Twitter campaign), but his trouncing of Bolt in a race up and down the court. Just ignore the fact that he totally cheated.

Hart also announced that he will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on March 2. Tune in and show the Philly boy some love.

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