Kevin Hart gives his buddy Justin Bieber some advice after DUI arrest

Philadelphia’s own Kevin Hart stopped by the Entertainment Tonight set to promote his new movie “Ride Along,” a film which broke opening weekend records.

Since Justin Bieber was the topic on everyone’s tongue, the host couldn’t resist asking: “What would you say to Justin?” After setting a large bottle of champagne down on the floor (an appropriate move), Hart went from funny to genuine, “On a serious side, I’m very close to Justin. I got a lot of love for him. I think right now it’s a lot of pressure on him.”

Hart isn’t unfamiliar with getting into trouble with the law. Back in April, the comedian was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol early in the morning for drunk driving and was booked for a DUI with a $5,000 bail. While Justin, a minor, managed to get off the hook for just $2,500.

“At the end of the day, Justin’s young, he’s a teenager. You know, when you’re a teenager you do things that teenagers do, but because he’s in the spotlight these things are being magnified and the public is judging him from it,” he continued. But Hart doesn’t think we need to worry too much about the young Biebs. “From a guy who has gotten a DUI – learn from it! Everything happens for a reason.”

Hart’s advice was sincere and to the point. Cut to the end of the interview, Chris Rock makes a brief appearance and when asked about Justin he sighs, “Oh boy… he’s taking too many Lindsay Lohan pills. Lay off of them.”