Kate Middleton schooled in princesshood

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Kate Middleton enjoying the crowd at Witton County Park, Darwen, England, April, 11, 2011. Prince William and fiancee Middleton visited northwest England to support local youth charities; their last stop in a pre-wedding tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Alastair Grant/AP Photo)

What makes a princess worthy of that title? How do you become more princess-y? Is there like a Learning Annex class you can take? Questions we imagine Kate Middleton asked herself before her recent wedding.

(I’ve always gotten my princess-lian tricks from The Princess Diaries, whose star, Anne Hathaway would make a perfect Kate.)

There’s a course alright, but you won’t find it at the local community college.

Various members of Kate’s team tell London’s the Telegraph reports that Kate is r

eceiving private tutoring and briefings on how to become the right and proper consort to Britain's crown prince, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. How to become Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

“It is a process that will carry on for several months but is being done privately,” an Unnamed Source tells the newspaper.

Seems the duchess has to learn how to properly select charities she will publicize and charitable events she’ll attend.

She also is “being briefed on how the State works, getting to know our national institutions better and learning more about organizations such as the arts, the media and the government,” the source says.

Unfortunately, Kate's aides have not released any videos from her training sessions. Perhaps this vid, about how to make a "Disney Princess" will help. It features Juli Auclair from Parents TV and Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine take their daughters to Disney World.