Kanye West is still mad at Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, left, and Kanye West either are engaged in a bitter feud or a heck of a parody. Kimmel's monologue Thursday night Sept. 26, 2013 was devoted to discussing what he called a "very angry phone call" he received from West about an hour and a half before taping ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." (AP Photo/File)

And he's back! But at least he's no longer tweeting in all-caps.

The morning after Kanye West and JImmy Kimmel's big, bad Twitter fight, Slate published a piece titled, "Kanye West is Right: JImmy Kimmel's Sketch was Ignorant and Stupid."

West, who went on a Twitter rampage Thursday evening against the late-night comedian, followed up Friday morning by carefully curating a series of quotes from the aforementioned piece, starting with a link to the Slate article. See below: