Justin Bieber acts like an imbecile on the Great Wall of China in ‘All That Matters’ video

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber’s video for “All That Matters” leaked onto the Internet. 

The video follows 19-year-old Justin on a tour of the Great Wall of China. Images of the pop star hanging out at the global landmark first surfaced a few weeks back and showed the Biebs being carried, like a child with no legs, up the Great Wall by his bodyguards. 

He dances, he prances, grinds up on unsuspecting tourists, grabs babies and has his “crew” awkwardly stand off in the background for mostly every shot. It’s kind of a train wreck and if you didn’t have a bad taste of Bieber in your mouth already, this might be the tipping point.

The low-production video directed by Alfredo Flores – known for literally doing nothing else significant according to IMDB – was not finished his masterpiece. In a tweet sent out by the director, he said: “I hate leaks. You work so hard on something and then people see it at 70% opposed to 100 like intended."

We can’t imagine this garbage getting any better. But, you know, give it a shot.

On a related note, China is pretty excited about the vid. TMZ is saying that having Justin shoot his video at the Great Wall is going to make it even more of a tourist hot spot – which means more money.