John Edwards splits with mistress Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter revealed on "Good Morning America" that she and politician John Edwards are donezo. Hunter has a 4-year-old daughter with Edwards, who was married to cancer-stricken Elizabeth during his affair with Hunter.

"We are a family, but as of the end of last week, John Edwards and I are no longer a couple," Hunter said on GMA. "We decided together to end it."

Hunter gave no reason for the break-up other than "media scrutiny," but we're thinking it might have something to do with Hunter's tell-all "What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me" wherein she talks trash on the now-deceased Elizabeth, Edwards' recent corruption case in which he was accused of using cash from two wealthy donors to hide Hunter and the essential dissolution of his family life. Or could it be that Edwards was just paying too much attention to that glorious head of hair of his? The world will never know ... until the next tell all.

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