Jay-Z pens a tune for his new baby, Blue Ivy


"My greatest creation was you."

The music-loving world let out a collective "Awwww" after hearing the above line from Jay-Z's new jam, "Glory," about his new daughter Blue Ivy Carter who, as Tattler Howard Gensler told you, was born Saturday night in Manhattan. 

"Glory" marks Blue, or B.I.C as she's credited, musical debut.

Listen to "Glory," in all of its proud papa mushiness, here. (Also, don't miss out on the caption given to the song: "Life just got REALLY good."

Oh, Hova! Quit it with the cuteness! We're about to plotz!

While "Glory" is mostly an adorable ode from father to daughter, it's also revealing with Jay-Z rhyming about how this wasn't their first attempt at parenthood. He raps:

"Last time the miscarriage was so tragic

We was afraid you'd disappear

But nah baby you magic."

Could this finally put to rest cries that Beyonce wasn't actually pregnant? Probably not, but all we have to say is, "Welcome to the world, Babyonce."