Fire alarm disrupts Jim Gardner's daughter's Bat Mitzvah

Jim Gardner poses with Philadelphia firefighters and his longtime colleague Dave Roberts during a brief commotion Saturday at the Arts Condo where his daughter was celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. Photo: Laura Goldman/

6ABC anchor Jim Gardner pursued a big story Saturday night in Center City as he investigated why a fire alarm was going off at the Arts Condo (1324 Locust) where his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah reception took place.

"A burnt fuse on the 11th floor of the building tripped the fire alarm which provided some great sound effects,” Gardner recalled by email. “We almost had the firefighters light a candle in the candle lighting ceremony,” Gardner joked before adding, “Seriously, it was no big deal. There was no disruption of our party.”

Writer Laura Goldman of Naked Philadelphian was in the building at the time and snapped a photo of Gardner, with his old friend, retired Action News weatherman Dave Roberts, a Bat Mitzvah guest, and firemen.

The alarm included a spoken message “There is a fire. Please evacuate,” said Goldman, who is not related to Gardner (whose real last name is Goldman).

Meanwhile, if you're on Twitter and not following Gardner, you really should. The veteran anchorman displays his very comedic side there regularly.