Fans will be a part of Rob Zombie Flyers flick

In today's column, I told you about Rob Zombie's new Broad Street Bullies Flyers' flick, with hopeful fall start date in Philadelphia.

But Zombie had more to say about fan involvement in the film. "A lot of the fan portions of the movie would revolve around [West Collingswood Heights, NJ  bar and restaurant] Rexy's because that was the hang out. There's a lot of fan stuff because when you go back and watch the footage, there's a lot of outrageous looking fans," Zombies said. "That's part of why I wanted to learn from being there. That's an important feature that's not in the books. In the books you can find the hockey facts. So coming here and learning what the fan vibe is like is something you can't pick up from books."

Rob Zombie at the Wells Fargo Center yesterday

Zombie has described the film as a mix between "Rocky" and "Boogie Nights," and producer Les Borsai said that Zombie is the perfect person to direct the project. "He understands the period and this movie has to be raw and gritty," said producer Les Borsai. "This can't be glossy."

While no casting decisions have been made, some of the Bullies themselves had ideas for who could play themselves. "Danny DeVito could play Bob Kelly," Parent said.

"Moses could play you," Dornhoefer shot back.

Someone get Moses' agent on the phone!