Dykstra says he never agreed to Canseco fight, promoters lied

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman (left) battles Amy "Point Blank" Fisher during Alki David's Celebrity Fight Night. Photo: Stephanie Diani

Lenny Dykstra did not fight Jose Canseco Saturday night.

That's all that we know for sure.

As for why the former Phillies star did not take part in the Battle of the Baseball Bad Boys, during Alki David's "Celebrity Fight Night" in Hollywood, we got a different story from all sides involved.

Damon Feldman, the Broomall-based Celebrity Boxing promoter, who is no longer allowed to legally promote fights in Pennsylvania after pleading to charges of promoting without a license and fight-fixing, initially said that he and David, a Nigeria- born Internet mogul, paid Dykstra $5,000 cash on Thursday to fight Saturday but that Dykstra alerted promoters just hours before the fight that he would not be participating.

But last night, Feldman recanted his previous claim that he had paid Dykstra $5,000 cash in person on Thursday.

"It was loud," Feldman said as to why he had misunderstood a question we asked him Saturday night and yesterday afternoon, when he emphatically stated that he personally had paid Dykstra in cash, in $100 bills.

Dykstra, in an exclusive statement to the Daily News, says that at no point had he agreed to participate in the fight, and that Dan Herman, 26, of Chester County, whom he calls "A starf---er," booked the fight without his consent and made up quotes in the press, including the Daily News, that Dykstra hated Canseco. Dykstra says that he doesn't even know Canseco and has no beef with him.

"I never agreed to anything," the embattled Dykstra told us yesterday in an email. "Damon Feldman and Alki David continued to use my name to sell tickets and promote their event up until the last minute. They showed up at my door unexpected, I didn't even know who they were," Dykstra explained. He then showed Feldman and David an angry email he sent to Herman Wednesday night, chewing out Herman for booking the fight without his permission.

By phone yesterday, Dykstra denied that Herman was ever his business manager. "If he's my business manager, I'm a f---in' ballerina," he told us.

"That's why he's a convicted felon, because he never tells the truth," Herman said yesterday.