See ‘Delco Proper’ stars John McKeever, Tim Butterly in Philly before they make their Comedy Central pilot

Delco Proper is coming to Philly. Or, at least two if its stars are.

John McKeever and Tim Butterly, John and Izzy on the Comedy Central digital series, will host Good Good Comedy’s “Get In” showcase on Thursday, April 27 at 10 p.m. Tickets are available now, and run $5.

The comedy showcase this week will feature McKeever and Butterly, as well as Good Good Comedy Theatre founders Aaron Nevins and Kate Banford. The theater also notes online that the show will feature “a stacked lineup full of surprises.”

McKeever and Butterly’s appearance at Good Good Comedy Theatre comes following news that Delco Proper has been ordered to pilot at Comedy Central as part of the network’s 2017-18 development plans. The show initially debuted in 2015 as a limited run digital series on Comedy Central’s website, with three more episodes hitting the web in February 2016.

Created by and starring Philly natives and comedians McKeever, Butterly, and Tommy Pope, the show revolves around a group of three friends who have been hanging around one another at the Delaware County lumberyard where they work for most of their lives. In a release, Comedy Central wrote that the show illustrates that “it’s hard to change in a town that doesn’t.”

The Delco Proper pilot will shoot in the Delaware County area beginning in May. Other areas, like New York or Los Angeles, just wouldn’t capture the particular magic Delco has — an element that Comedy Central, McKeever says, enjoyed about the original digital series.

“We think the town we created is such a specific character that would couldn’t shoot it in New York of Los Angeles,” McKeever says. “We’re not expecing a bunch of Delco people to watch it, but we are trying to portray the world we are familiar with.”

More information about McKeever and Butterly’s upcoming appearance is available on the Good Good Comedy website.