DeSean Jackson to guest star on Disney show 'Crash and Bernstein'

DeSean Jackson holds a press conference before the screening of a movie about DeSean and his father. (Charles Fox/Staff Photographer)

Eagle DeSean Jackson will guest on Disney XD's "Crash and Bernstein," in an episode airing Monday, July 22 at 8:30 p.m.

The two-time Pro-Bowler is no stranger to TV stardom, playing himself on a 2011 episode of FX's "The League."

Here's the episode description:

"Man Crash": Mr. Poulos dupes Wyatt and Crash into doing his building repairs so he can go on a men's camping trip with his buddies. The boys find out and stow away in his van but are disappointed when the trip does not turn out to be the men's weekend they expected. Guest starring is Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson as himself.

Below, the Hollywood Reporter had a clip to share of DeSean's appearance, in which he discusses his inability to digest chili: