Comedian Todd Glass goes for the jugular in gay PSA

Paoli-born and bred comedian Todd Glass shocked the comedy world in January when he came out on Marc Maron's WTF podcast. We talked to Glass back in March when he played the Helium Comedy Club. Glass discussed how he wasn't going to start talking about a boyfriend in his act over night, and that he'd need time to adjust his pronouns. In the video below, Glass looks more than ready to make the grammar leap.

In a contest entry for the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, Glass plays a father whose gay son has recently committed suicide. The ad looks at the damage done by "archaic beliefs and misinformation" from parents who cannot accept their children's sexuality. 

Todd Glass

Glass talked about why it was important to being 100% accepting around children during our interview, but we couldn't fit it into the piece. This is what he had to say:

When a kid hears an adult be 100 percent non-homophobic or sexist or racist, that makes them feel so good. But what doesn’t make a child feel good is when they hear something that’s 90 percent non-homophobic. 90 percent means you’re there but you hold on to a little bit of a reservation. This is the facts: Hearing that 90 percent doesn’t make a child feel awesome. My message after this was go that last 10 percent. A child doesn’t want to hear all of his life that he’s 90 percent okay. That’s doesn’t feel good. 90 percent to a child feels like s---. The only thing that feels good is short and sweet: “Oh my god, every human being on this planet that is kind to me, I return the kindness and they deserve 100 percent equality.” That makes a child feel awesome.

If you’re 100%, start being more vocal about it. That could change everything. I know when I was younger and I heard someone ironclad accept it, it made my f------ day.