Comedian Jeff Dunham stops at Charlie’s Hamburgers after Philly performance

Here in the Philadelphia area, Charlie’s Hamburgers is known for their no muss, no fuss approach to burgers — and we love them for it. And apparently, so does funnyman Jeff Dunham.

Dunham, known for his ventriloquist act featured in several television specials, stopped by the Wells Fargo Center on Valentine’s Day as part of his ongoing tour. Roughly 11,000 folks showed up:


While the show appears to have gone well, it is Dunham’s post-performance activity — going to Charlie’s — that has us beaming with local pride. Evidently, the comedian decided to make a stop at the famous Delaware County eatery to order a black-and-white shake and a “special” — better known as the “Bunny Special,” which is named after owner Steve McDonald’s father, and includes cheese, tomato, mustard, and raw onion:


As Philly chef Matt Levin points out, McDonald ("manager Steve") was a part of Sunday night's audience, and at some point suggested the stop to Dunham, who heckled him amid promises of a visit to Charlie's:

As Philadelphians, however, we cannot be happy with a celebrity visiting just one local culinary institution. Comments on Dunham’s Facebook posting about Charlie’s had fans pleading with the comedian to visit a Philly cheesesteak shop, too — specifically Jim’s or Pat’s.

For now, though, that Bunny Special is going to have to do.