Chris Brown and Drake offered $1 Million to fight

Are Chris Brown and Drake going to take their club fiasco to the boxing ring?

The notorious celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman is hoping to stir things up again by offering Chris Brown and Drake one million dollars each to take their  nightclub club brawl to the ring. Feldman, who says that he has financial backing from businessman Alki David, says he will donate one million dollars to a charity that helps abused women if both men agree to the fight.

If the scuffle does in fact go down, it would feature three minute-long rounds that include Brown and Drake sporting oversized gloves and protective head gear as to not mess up their pretty faces. To take it up another notch, Feldman says he is asking none other than Rihanna to be a ring girl during the tussle.  Although he is highly anticipating her saying no, he also says he knows that if the fight does happen, he knows she’ll be watching.

People have already begun to take bets on who will win. According to 50 Cent, his money is on Brown, stating in an interview with California radio station KMEL ,” I guess its cause of all the physical things I see him doing with dancing and moving. He be slipping and moving. I don't see Drake doing that. Chris be having his shirt off. He got one of them MMA fighter looks. Like he might have did karate when he was a kid. He's kicking, doing splits and stuff. This could really get interesting."

Neither artist has responded to Feldman.

via CNN