Channing Tatum lied to us!

Noted liar Tatum in "Magic Mike." (AP Photo/Warner Bros., Claudette Barius)

In our chat with Channing Tatum today about his new movie "Magic Mike," we asked about rumors we had heard that his next flick "G.I. Joe 2." Hollywood industry blog Deadline said that the movie was being pushed back from its release date (it was supposed to be released today, in fact) to March so filmmakers could shoehorn some more Channing in there (the initial trailer shows Tatum dying in the beginning).

Of course, we asked about the flick. Tatum said he had no idea what Deadline was taking about and that Paramount, the studio releasing the movie, hadn't contacted him about reshoots.

We were fine with this (total lie of an) answer, until we check out Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Twitter feed. The Rock was slated to take over as star of the toy-based franchise and tweeted out this pic:

So why is Channing chilling with the Rock and "G.I. Joe 2" director Jon M. Chu if not for some reshoots?

Also, in an arm-wrestling competition, who would win: the Rock or Tatum?