Bryan Cranston, M. Night Shyamalan spotted having dinner at Philly steakhouse

Bryan Cranston took some time away from shooting Untouchable in Aston to have dinner with local M. Night Shyamalan in Philly this week, a source tells us.

Cranston was spotted having dinner with Shyamalan at Stephen Starr’s Barclay Prime steakhouse in Rittenhouse Square. No word on what the pair ordered, but we're guessing that if they got steaks, the orders didn’t come with Whiz.

The Breaking Bad star is in town shooting Untouchable with Philly native Kevin Hart. After some on-location shoots, the production moved operations to Sun Center Studios in Aston, where projects such as Shyamalan’s After Earth (2013) and The Last Airbender (2010) have filmed.

Cranston and Hart were spotted a couple times tooling around Philly in a Ferrari as part of the Untouchable shoot. As HughE Dillon reports, Untouchable is scheduled to wrap shooting next week.

The man also known as Walter White has stayed largely under the radar since coming to Philly to film, though he has popped up to rib TMZ or playfully smack the behind of San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker at a Sixers game he attended with Shyamalan. Hart, on the other hand, has performed several surprise stand-up comedy sets at Punch Line Philly, and even got his own day named after him in the city.

Shyamalan still is riding off the success of the Philly-shot Split, his most recent release. The director confirmed earlier this month that he is working on a first draft of a script for a sequel to the film, which Vulture reported in February is the highest-grossing horror film since 2013’s The Conjuring. According to Box Office Mojo, Split, which was filmed for $5 million, has pulled in $137.2 million domestically at the box office.

Gary Thompson recently paid a visit to the Aston set of Untouchable to speak with Hart and Cranston, who gently ribbed his costar.

“I think what we have in common is a huge fan base. And we both do stand-up,” Cranston said in an interview. “I let Kevin open for me. I appreciate that you get audience warmed up for me. Usually they’re tittering. Not quite laughing, but they’re in a good mood.”