Boyz II Men has a suggestion for how to make the SOTU better

Boyz II Men

Certain events tend to dominate the social media -- awards shows, big sporting events, "Scandal." Last night's State of the Union address was no exception, generating at 1.7 million tweets (although, most of them were about that "Mad Men" shout out.)

Philly hometown heroes Boyz II Men were no exception to the tweeting masses, offering a suggestion (albeit one with an incorrect hashtag) about how to zazz up the next State of the Union.

Okay, hear me out, this is a fantastic idea. Lull in the speech? Cut to "I'll Make Love to You." Who will give the minority rebuttal? Avoid gaffes with a performance of "The End of the Road." President Obama feeling celebratory post-SOTU? Why not leave the House chamber to a live rendition of "Motown Philly"?

C'mon, you know Biden would love it.