Ashton Kutcher spotted with wedding ring on finger

There are qualities a young lady notices about a man once she hits a certain age. Recently, I've learned to check the ring finger of a man's left hand (for obvious reasons).

So, imagine my disbelief as I scoured AP for photos of Ashton Kutcher and his newly, clean-shaven face, only to hone in on the twisted, silver band wrapped around his left ring finger.

Actor Ashton Kutcher at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour for CBS, the CW and Showtime, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Jason Redmond)

Which leads me to wonder: Is Ashton delusional? Or is he still married?

After all, the actor's marriage to actress Demi Moore ended late last year, after reports emerged that Kutcher had cheated on his wife, on their anniversary. However, that band is still firmly planted on his hand.

Meanwhile, our TV critic Ellen Gray attended the panel discussion for Two and a Half Men at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour for CBS today, where the actor emerged with a hairless face, tailored suit, and yes, his wedding ring.

Someone please explain!

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