Arby’s wins the eBay battle for Pharrell’s Grammy hat

Pharrell Williams was one of the most talked about celebrities at this year’s Grammy awards, and it wasn’t because of his music. The artist, who just released his highly anticipated album GIRL, had on one of the funkiest accessories of the night – a vintage Vivienne Westwood “Mountain” hat that would make even Smokey the Bear a bit jealous.

The hat set the Internet into a frenzy and even birthed its own meme. It also caught the attention of fast food company Arby’s, because it would appear as if their logo had the same fashion sense as Williams.

Because Pharrell is a classy dude, he took what could have just been a water cooler conversation and turned his fashion moment into a charitable cause. Following the Grammys, the singer put his hat on eBay to raise funds for From One Hand To Another, his own nonprofit organization that supports learning programs developed for every one of the underserved youth between the ages of 7 and 20 in at risk communities throughout the country.

This Sunday marked the final day for curious auctioneers, and when it all came to a close the winning bid capped out at $44,100. So who was responsible for the generous donation? It looks like Arby’s really did want their hat back after all.