Angelo Cataldi drops the F bomb on the air

In a moment of technical difficulties, WIP morning show host Angelo Cataldi dropped a not-so-nice word on the air, according to my many spies who heard it live this morning.

At about 5:40 a.m., during the overlap show between Cataldi and Big Daddy Graham's shift, the show was about to cut to commercial. In the space between, Cataldi let slip "What the f--- am I supposed to do?"

"I was trying to get a handle on what I should I say about Roy Halladay, because I watched him pitch eight innings against an awful team. I went to hit the button [that takes him off air] and I missed," an apologetic Cataldi told me. "My wife said 'I’m amazed it took 23 years for this happen.'"

Cataldi said that when he first started in radio, broadcaster Tom Brookshier pointed to the microphone and said, "Angelo, this can be a loaded gun." "This morning, I took one to the head," Cataldi said.

Cataldi was glad his snafu happened early in the morning when there wouldn't be many kids listening, but he said that's no excuse for foul language. "I can’t apologize enough for it happening," Cataldi said.

Good thing Cataldi didn't go blue 20 minutes later. FCC indecency rules are only in effect from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.