'American Idol' runner-up Justin Guarini says he skips meals to feed his family

Teen Choice Awards Press Room
Justin Guarini arrives at the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, Calif., Sunday, Aug 26, 2007. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Doylestown native Justin Guarini wants to reintroduce himself to fans – “As I am now,” he writes on his blog in a new update posted Wednesday.

The runner-up to Kelly Clarkson who catapulted to fame in the inaugural season of American Idol in 2002 says he once, “put on a brave face, smiled, and laughed to show that I was impervious and unafraid.”

But the curly-haired talent, who calls his high times post-Idol, "flashy," and a "dim memory" for some former fans, admits today he’s “unafraid to say that I am terrified.” The artist, who's gone from big bucks to a budget shares he's “struggling to make each day meet the next without breaking down and curling up."

"Sometimes I envy people who sit at a desk all day (at least you know where your next meal is coming from)." The father-of-two writes that he now spends "days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough. To make sure my children and my wife have enough."

Though he admits his life "ain't perfect," Guarini, who welcomed his second son with his wife Reina Capodici in February, wants readers to know, "it's 'filled with love.'"

"I have a wife whom I love and who loves me (me!) and who lifts me up. Children who give me cherubic-lipped kisses before I leave for work and who are the most delicious morsels of joy and peace and prosperity," he writes.

The singer tells fans he wants to be honest about his circumstances because this is where he is now. "I’ll smile, and laugh,and joke, and entertain…because sometimes it’s the only way to keep the ghosts of regret and loss at bay. I am unafraid to be afraid, and in that fear I gather strength," he writes.

Guarini, who in the last year has starred in several musicals including a December gig at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, told Michael Smerconish in an interview, "With things going on in our economy, with things like what has happened [in Connecticut], no matter what happens to you, all the horrible things that go on, all the sacrifices you have to make on a daily basis, that as long as you remember the love you have in your life, the people who are there supporting you, and the fact that really it truly is, if you look at it, It's a Wonderful Life, then you're all right. And it's the redemption of that scene and the fact that all the sacrifices that George made for his family, for his town, really come back to him tenfold."

We hope to see him make a triumphant return, especially on Broadway next month. Guarini is set to play Paris alongside Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad in Romeo and Juliet. The show debuts in September. Purchase tickets, here.

Guarini declined our request for comment Wednesday. In response to various media reports centered around his blog post, Guarini tweeted Thursday, "News isn't news anymore, and I'm nowhere near poverty."