Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold extended

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Amanda Bynes, accompanied by attorney Gerald Shargel, arrives for a court appearance in New York, Tuesday, July 9, 2013. (AP Photo/Bethan McKernan)

Just what the doctor, and now a judge, ordered: Extended help for Amanda Bynes.

After being placed on an involuntary 5150 hold earlier this week, a judge ruled Thursday evening that the star's psychiatric evaluation be extended 14 more days. Bynes, however, wants out of the psych ward, as reported by TMZ Friday afternoon.

Bynes' parents, Rick and Lynne Bynes, also filed papers in Calif. Thursday requesting that the judge grant them temporary conservatorship over their 27-year-old daughter. The two showed up to court Friday morning hoping to be granted the 30-day agreement, which would give them full legal authority over their daughter's life. However, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Glen M. Reiser denied them legal control since Bynes is already held for 2 more weeks.

Following months of outlandish behavior, Bynes' situation currently involves extra precautions to be taken with the judge requesting documents and meetings, including a one-on-one with Amanda, before he grants legal access to her parents. A conservatorship hearing is set for Aug. 9.

According to the petition filed in Ventura County, the Bynes parents say their daughter has $3.3 million in assets. "We are deeply concerned that Amanda poses a substantial risk to herself, to others and to property based on recent events in her life," they shared in the declaration.

Earlier this week, Bynes created a fire on a stranger's driveway in Thousand Oaks, Calif., the town where Bynes was raised during the period she starred in All That, The Amanda Show, Easy A, and other shows and films that catapulted the precocious child star to fame.

During Monday's incident, Bynes' pet Pomeranian was accidentally doused in gasoline and burned. The actress took the pup to a liquor store, where she attempted to rinse her pet off. In response, PETA released a statement regarding Bynes' treatment of her dog on Wednesday. "This is a time for people to help Amanda Bynes, as she is not herself and going through a very difficult period. Although she truly seems to love her dog and is panicked at the thought of hurting him, her dog needs help right now, too, until Amanda can get back on her feet," the animal rights organization added.

Deputies from the sheriff's department responding to the 911 call over the mishap discovered Bynes on an elderly woman's property holding a red gasoline can while hovering over a campfire. The call was made after witnesses spotted flames on Bynes' pant legs. When authorities arrived and questioned the actress, they believed Bynes was fit to be placed on a 5150 hold. The Calif. regulatory hold, the same one Britney Spears was subject to in 2008, later paved way for her father to obtain conservatorship over his troubled daughter. The pop star has since bounced back and released numerous hit singles and landed a spot as a judge on Fox's X Factor. She still remains under her father's conservatorship.

Among the slew of recent issues Bynes has faced, her parents also note in the petition, "Amanda has profound issues with her body image and is obsessed with the idea that she (and others) are ugly."

"She talks incessantly about cosmetic surgeries that she wants completed. She also encourages her mother to have plastic surgeries. We are concerned that the surgeries she wants to have are dangerous and detrimental to her health," it says in the document. The petition also notes Bynes' "extremely paranoid" behavior.

Under a conservatorship, the person must turn over basic decisions regarding his or her life. It was must be granted by a judge. 

Bynes is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 26 over charges of reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence. The actress was arrested in May after her Manhattan apartment building officials called authorities to complain that she was smoking pot in the lobby. When officers went to Bynes' apartment, they spotted a bong on her kitchen counter. She allegedly "heaved" the item out the window in front of officers and was promptly arrested.