Alycia Lane gives first person account of Boston Marathon tragedy

Former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane was at the Lenox Hotel in Boston, about a half a block away from the finish line,  yesterday to cheer on a friend. She gave a first-person account of what she experienced to the "Today" show this morning. She also spoke with Brian Williams on NBC’s primetime special report last night.

“We could feel the ground shake below us, and everything on our table shook,” she recalled to Williams. “Ten seconds later, a second blast hit and we looked outside and saw a plume of smoke up in the air."

She also brought up an interesting point: Police told Lane and other bystanders to turn off their cell phones so no devices were accidentally detonated remotely, out of fear that a suspect was still in the crowd.

Lane is currently an anchor for KNBC in Los Angeles.

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