Alec Baldwin calls former Daily News reporter a 'nutty bitch'

Alec Baldwin called former Philadelphia Daily News reporter Simone Weichselbaum a "Nutty bitch" through Twitter Monday after the reporter, now with the New York Daily News, accompanied a photographer to one of his fiancee Hilaria Thomas' yoga classes.

"Shame on the no-talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone," Baldwin tweeted. He also posted "If you're looking for an experienced crime reporter to crash a yoga class, contact @SimoneWei"

Baldwin then posted her photo saying "Here's the nutty bitch who crashed the yoga class today with Snooki Alvarez." Snooki Alvarez seems to be a reference to the NYDN photograher Enid Alvarez who took photos of Thomas' diamond ring.

The "30 Rock" star turned 54 today. Thomas is 28. Media snark about their ages may have in part inspired his outburst.

The usually mouthy Weichselbaum surprisingly declined comment unless and until she gets permission from her editors.