6ABC’s Wendy Saltzman shares breast cancer update from hospital

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6ABC reporter Wendy Saltzman says that she ignored a warning from her doctor to get a mammogram follow-up in 2015. She was officially diagnosed with breast cancer Dec. 22.

6ABC’s Wendy Saltzman announced Tuesday that she has undergone a bilateral mastectomy to treat the breast cancer diagnosis that she announced to the public early last month.

“I checked into the hospital to have a bilateral mastectomy yesterday and the doctors say it went great,” Saltzman, 42, wrote in a Facebook posting from an unidentified hospital Tuesday. “I’m feeling much better today and hoping to leave here tomorrow cancer free!”

Saltzman also thanked supporters for their prayers and well-wishes, and noted that she will “make sure I am a breast cancer survivor.”

Saltzman announced her breast cancer diagnosis (and subsequent leave of absence from 6ABC) via Facebook in early February, writing that she thought she was “too healthy to have cancer” and that “most people in my shoes think the same thing.”

“In March I will undergo a bilateral mastectomy to avoid a possible recurrence, radiation and possibly hormone therapy,” Saltzman wrote on Facebook last month. “I hope for and anticipate a full and quick recovery, however I will be off the air for several weeks during that time.”

The reporter was officially diagnosed with breast cancer on Dec. 22 last year after ignoring a warning from her doctor to get a mammogram follow-up in 2015, according to her Facebook posting.

“After the surgery, hopefully I'll never have to think about this again,” Saltzman said in an update on her condition on 6ABC last week. “Hopefully, I will be done, and I'll be a survivor, and I'll be able to appreciate life a little bit more, because I know that I survived this."