Fox29's Steve Keeley makes Letterman's Top Ten list

Fox29's Steve Keeley told me he knew the instant a snow plow pummeled him with snow during Monday's storm, he'd become a viral sensation. Now, he's made it to one of comedy's hallowed grounds: David Letterman's Top Ten list for: Top Ten Thoughts Going Through This Reporter's Mind At This Moment.

Here's the list:

10. "Hey, that snow almost hit me"

9. "I blame Obama"

8. "Usually snowplow drivers are a little more courteous"

7. "My outfit is ruined!"

6. "Get my consultant to tell that snowplow driver he's a jerk"

5. "Well, it was worth it to show our viewers what a snowplow looks like"

4. "I must've pissed off Governor Christie"

Note: Keeley actually tweeted this joke: 


3. "Snowblow me"

2. "Snowblow me"

1. "Help me, Winter Jesus!"

Check out the video below: