20/20 airs story on Bolaris being drugged, scammed, fighting back Friday night

John Bolaris will discuss being drugged and fleeced by two Eastern European hotties at 10 p.m. Friday on ABC's "20/20"


The former Fox 29 meteorologist was interviewed recently in New York and Miami, where in 2010 two Balkan beauties urged him to "do shot," and he wound up being roofied. Then $43,000 was charged to his credit card.

His story "Girl Crime Ring" is part of the "20/20" episode called "Payback." Here's a quote from an ABC release:

"An alleged Eastern European crime ring used sexy women to lure vacationing men into their questionable Miami nightclubs. Once inside, they got the men drunk, and, investigators say, racked up huge and often fraudulent tabls on their credit cards."

"But one man who was victimized, TV weatherman John Bolaris, fought back and spirred an FBI investigation and bust. Chris Cuomo takes viewers inside the undercover investigation."

We reported in March that Bolaris had been interviewed for "20/20" and looked forward to proving to people that he was the victim seeking vindication, and hadn't done wrong.

As you may recall he was widely mocked over the whole Miami roofie episode on Philly.com comments and elswhere online.

 "Nightline" previously ran a story about Bolaris' Miami escapade, but he wasn't interviewed for that piece.