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Kanye West, A sex tape king?

Reports indicate that two lengthy, homemade sex tapes starring pop music star Kanye West may soon be unleashed on the public.

Kanye West, A sex tape king?

Is there really a Kanye West sex tape making the rounds at porno DVD distributors?


There isn’t a sex tape – but two!

So claims TMZ, in a report which celebrates Kanye’s prowess as “a sex tape master” who displays remarkable sexual skills and stamina in the lengthy vids which feature two of the Trapped in the Closet Hip-hopera composer and videomaker’s ex-girlfriends.

Neither stars his current pr-enhanced paramour, Kim Kardashian, though the first one, which clocks in at an impressive 20 minutes, reportedly costars a young woman who could be Kim’s twin.

And  the second? Clearly moved to tears by the discovery, TMZ reporters write that the film is almost 40 minutes long.

“And we're talking constant action,” the site says. “Seriously, the guy takes no breaks. It's incredible. Almost Sting-like.”

Kanye’s two films were lifted from his computer by an unknown party who is shopping them around at various porn distributors, says TMZ. The star reportedly plans to sue the perpetrator and any film company who releases the home movies.

Kanye ‘n’ Kim’s sex vid connection

Kanye’s link to Kim always had a sex tape angle: TMZ previously reported that long before dating her, Kanye would, um, celebrate his Kim-krush by playing her infamous sex tape while making love to his partners. (I’m sure the gals were thrilled and flattered to no end, by the gesture.)

Analysts indicate Kim earned her celebrity status on the back of her 2003 sex tape which costarred singer Ray J.

It was leaked in early 2007 and eventually released by Vivid Entertainment as Kim Kardashian: Superstar.

It earned banner headlines – and a $5 million settlement from Vivid.

What does “Sting-like” mean?

Sting is supposed to be a master in so-called tantric sex and reportedly has had sexual sessions with his wife lasting hours, days, perhaps even years. This tale, alas, is just an urban legend, his wife, Trudie Styler, told a British newspaper last year.

PHOTO: The second photo is purportedly a video capture from Kim's sex tape with singer Ray J.

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