'McCanick,' starring Cory Monteith, David Morse, Mike Vogel, Ciaran Hinds, shooting at City Hall

Ciaran Hinds, shown in a scene from "The Eclipse." (AP Photo/Magnolia Pictures)

"McCanick," a cop/crime drama starring Glee's Cory Monteith, Abington native Mike Vogel and Chestnut Hill's David Morse, has begun shooting in town.

Irish actor Ciaran Hinds, who worked recently in town on USA's "Political Animals," is working on a scene Thursday in City Hall Room 296.

The movie shot outside City Hall on Wednesday.

According to Variety, Morse plays a detective named Eugene "Mack" McCanick who, along with partner played by Vogel hunt down a young criminal (Monteith) who was just released from prison.

It seems as though the film, written by Daniel Noah and directed by Josh C. Waller, takes place in one day with Mack's hot on the young punk's trail as knows a secret about Mack's past.

It's unclear who Hinds plays in the film, which should be shooting in town for another month.

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