A Snooki sandwich at Showboat

It's hard to remember what casinos did for marketing stunts before the advent of reality television. These days, it's darn near impossible to swing a bottle of Cristal in a gambling hall without hitting some insta-celeb or other. Which explains why mom-to-be and guidette- of-letters Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi  was at Wednesday's grand opening of Earl of Sandwich, a hot-sandwich emporium at Showboat Atlantic City.

The Snookster not only presided over the store's ribbon cutting, but proudly lauded the wonders of  her own sandwich. It's called the "Gorilla Beach" after her book of the same name. It's made with grilled chicken, bread crumbs, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and--as she said,  "pickles, of course."

Blog Image 373414 - Darrow
The one and only Snooki stopped at Showboat Atlantic City Wednesday to hype her sandwich and book. Photo:Angela Broderman

We were hoping to ask the Snookified One her views on the current presidential campaign, but the media types in attendance were under strict orders to keep the queries limited to the book or the sandwich.

Incidentally, the Earl of Sandwich chain is headed up by the actual Earl of Sandwich--the direct descendant of John Montagu who, back in 1762, became the first person to create a portable meal using two slices of bread.